Love Is A Verb; So Is Faith

In a story at the end of the Gospel of John the Disciple Peter was asked several times by the Lord if he loved Him.  Peter replied each time, “You know that I love you.”  Peter was then asked by the Lord to “Feed My lambs”.
The Lord was making a point.  Our faith (pictured by Peter) has a tendency to believe that saying something or knowing something makes for a living faith.  Faith needs to be acted on in order to become a living faith. In other words, our religion can only become real or living if we do what is good.
You are invited to dig more into this with us on Sunday at 10:30 a.m. or you can watch the service live on our Facebook page.

Having Difficulty? Approach It From Love

After the events of Easter the disciples decided to go fishing.  They fished all night and caught nothing.  In the morning a man appeared on the shore and said to cast the net on the right side of the boat and they would catch fish.  They did and caught 153 fish.  They quickly realized that the man was Jesus.
In all of our pursuits in life if we can remember to approach things from “the right side” (from love, charity, and kindness) we will be fruitful.  Trying to do things from human ingenuity or the attitude, “I am right” we will be frustrated.
If in all our interactions with others (marriage, friendships, parenting, the workplace, and so on) we can remind ourselves, “Let’s approach this in a loving way.”  And then ask, “In what way can I come from a heart of love, kindness and goodness?”  Or simply say, “Okay, let’s fish from the right side,” as a reminder.  See what happens.
You are invited to worship at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday.

Easter Celebration, Sunday 10:30 a.m.

Please join us for an Easter Celebration this Sunday at 10:30 a.m.  One of the ways we commemorate the event in the service is to have a time to bring flowers forward as a token of gratitude and love to the Lord for the blessings of life and the promise of eternal life. We hope to see you then. Happy Easter!

An Easter Egg hunt for the children will follow the service.


Forgiveness is something we wish others would grant us. Forgiveness is something we can have a hard time offering those who have harmed us in some way. Forgiveness is something that can seem impossible to receive from God or others because of things we have done. The truth is, God always forgives us immediately of everything. The question is do we do anything to change our life so that forgiveness is no longer needed? And do we do anything to let our heart be softened towards others who may be awaiting our forgiveness?

We are given amazing teachings on God’s forgiveness as well as challenging teachings on our need to forgive others and to forgive ourselves.

Let’s talk about this important topic this Sunday at 10:30 a.m. Hope to see you there!

What Is Your House Built Upon?

If you were going to build yourself a house you would most likely make sure the ground you were going to build on was solid: not on a fault line or a flood zone and not in any number of potentially problematic terrains. You would want a strong and sure foundation.

Our spiritual lives are the same way. We have a choice. To build our lives up on a strong foundation of Divine principles and guidelines or not. We may decide that the shifting sands of popular opinion are the foundation we want to trust our lives to. But that doesn’t seem that wise or safe.

This Sunday we will look at the parable Jesus told of the wise person who built a house on a rock and how that turned out vs. the foolish person who built a house on sand and how that turned out.

This Sunday is also the beginning of daylight saving time. Don’t forget to set your clock ahead by one hour before bed on Saturday night.

See you Sunday at 10:30 a.m.


“The Kingdom Of Heaven Is At Hand”

What does that phrase mean to you? Does it excite you? Frighten you? It seems like it is a possibility for something powerful to happen in our lives.

So if the kingdom of heaven is close at hand what can we do to connect with it, feel its influence and benefit from its guidance and strength? Do I have to change in some way to experience it? Is it going to mean I have some struggles to work through?  Hmmm. Well, yes, most likely.  But it will be well worth it.

See you Sunday at 10:30 or watch live on our Facebook page:


God’s Providence Is Present Within The Tiniest Details Of Our Lives

When things are not going well or when we are struggling to find happiness and purpose in what is happening in our life and the lives of others we can begin to doubt that God exists, or if He does, that He doesn’t seem very concerned about how things are going.

How do we reconcile the appearance that God is not concerned with what is happening to us or to others (allowing suffering) and with the teachings that we are being led intimately and perfectly every moment by God to our greatest possible happiness?

Come and let’s talk about that. See you Sunday at 10:30 a.m.


Seeing Clearly

This Sunday we will examine a story of Jesus healing a blind man. This story is about us. We may not think of ourselves as blind or unable to see but there are times in our life when we fall into a bad way, and we aren’t able to see our way out. Jesus healing the blind man show us how the Lord can heal us in times of spiritual blindness: when we feel lost or stuck or have made choices that have put us in a bad place.

Please join us for worship Sunday at 10:30 a.m.

What Is Love, Anyway?

We all want it. We all want to share it. But do we know what it is?

Love is one of the more complicated things to define, but that makes it no less desirable to have. With Valentine’s Day around the corner we will take a moment to discuss what love is and what it is not, in hopes of having a healthier relationship with it.

See you Sunday at 10:30 a.m.