What Really Happened In The Garden Of Eden

The Bible is true, but maybe not the way you might think.

If you take the Garden of Eden story literally you end up with several hurtful assumptions, such as; that women were created from men (like a subspecies); that women were the cause of our problems as a species; that women are weak and easily succumb to temptations; that women are to be subservient to their husbands. That is a handful of serious accusations. And, none of it is true.

The Bible is true, but maybe not the way you might think. For example, the first eleven chapters of Genesis are all made up allegorical stories designed to couch a deeper spiritual story about the history of the human mind or spirit and our relationship to God.

Adam (human beings), Eve (our sense of selfhood), serpent (sensory evidence), the tree of life (belief that all good and truth are from God), the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (the idea we can learn about spiritual things from sensory evidence) and many other symbols in the text tell of humanity’s desire to feel life as if it is our own and how God accommodated to our desire, and how this was a step down from how we were created: knowing and believing that all life, goodness and truth are from God and being content to receive the blessings of that way of living (the paradisal state of the Garden of Eden).

On this Mother’s Day we will try to clear up the bad rap that women have received because of the way this story has been understood, really misunderstood, for so long.

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