Special Services

Some of our services are specially designed to honor life's most unique and powerful moments.


In the New Church we celebrate two sacraments: Baptism and the Holy Supper. These are often conducted during regular Sunday morning services, but they may also be conducted in private in a home or hospital setting, or in a private service at the church.

Baptism: The sacrament of baptism is an introduction into the church and into the truths it teaches—truths that will form the basis for future spiritual life and growth. It is a promise made on behalf of a child or on one's own behalf as an adult. It is a promise to try to come to know the Lord, learn the truths from the Word and to try to live by them.

Holy Supper (communion): In this sacrament bread and wine are offered. The bread and wine are symbols of the love and wisdom with which God feeds and sustains our spirits. They are, symbolically speaking, our spiritual food that feeds and sustains us. This sacrament is offered for adults or teenagers who are aware that they are fighting challenges in their spiritual life and would like the support that this sacrament offers. You do not have to be a member of this church partake of the Holy Supper. The Lord invites all of us to dine with Him.

*We do offer grape juice as a substitute for wine for those who are unable to drink wine. We also offer gluten free bread for those who need that alternative.