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  1. Great watching from home today with the kids. We will get some candles and ope our word also to make it more fun for the kids. Doug you sounded great! thank you

  2. Hello!
    I was just wondering if you could outline your beliefs. What makes your church a new kind of Christianity? What is your music like? Can a person who loves and respects Jesus, but does not see him as the ONLY son of God worship at your church? How do you educate children?
    thank you,

  3. Hi David,
    Thank you for a great sermon! I liked your description of Rachel and Leah and it brought to mind another similarity, the one between Rachel and Leah and Mary and Martha. You ‘ve got to love the Bible for that!

    I am glad I will be able to watch your services on archive too now. Yeah for technology for those of us living abroad. BTW there is still room in some of the online small groups…

    Marian van Genne

  4. As ever, we depend on your broadcast for Church-going. Thank you so much. I was hoping to hear more about the termination of the planes of the mind and conscience. Your sermon said that if we don’t act on the good we know then the bread does not fill the lower baskets. Does that mean that conscience and its development requires acting on the good we do know and not being anxious about the planes of the mind? I think that is what you are pointing to. I found AC 5145:3 very arresting to my attention and I have been thinking and pondering the meaning of the holes in the baskets so your interpretation redirected my attention in a new way. Very interesting!

  5. Bless you for streaming Bram Venn’s memorial service. It was beautiful. Thank you for caring for the Venn Family.

  6. Hello New Church in general and Dave in particular,
    Very valuable lesson…thank you. When we don’t consider this fundamental truth, not only do we go into negative states cyclically, but we compound them by feeling we are not good enough or we are doing something wrong. When we understand the day and night of it, the natural rythms that were created from the beginning, we can wait as we wait for the day to dawn for the Lord to return. Beautiful reminder.

    We are still experiencing pausing and then jumping forward in the feed. Wonder if that can be fixed.

    I am glad you found Europe. You had me worried there for awhile :):)
    Best, Margaret

  7. Thanks for what you are doing into the world,where the word had been known and to where it is not know,iam personally a new church man from riounde ,just i want to know how long the process of regeneration and reformation in those people who have fallen from the church takes place? And after they have been reformed are they welcomed back to church or they are completely scraped to hell or out of the church permanently?

    • Thanks Mike. I will try to make sure people know to stop the background music. I put a big poster in the sound booth to get their attention.

  8. Greetings from Manitoulin Island! Fun to see church via the Internet. The sound and picture are very good. See you all next week.

  9. Greetings from Manitoulin Island! Fun to see church via the Internet. The sound and video are very good. See you all next week.

  10. Good morning! unfortunately, the background music is loud and playing over worship music and David. Can’t properly hear David’s message.

    • So sorry about that. Thanks for letting me know. I think it finally stopped during the sermon. I will ask the sound booth operators to pay attention to that detail so that doesn’t happen again.

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