When talking about God it is important to begin by saying that God loves all people equally. God is only able, by His very nature, to love those who He created. He is incapable of some of the emotions that many believe He carries; like anger, hatred, vengeance, condemnation, etc.

So Who Is God, Then?
God is one. Traditional Christianity says that God is one, yet insists that there are three distinct Divine persons called Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The problem with that is that when you have three persons who are all knowing, all powerful and all present it makes three gods. It also creates a problem. The problem is that it creates a situation wherein you have an angry Father who is essentially done with the human race. Jesus then, having compassion for the human race is willing to go and die for our sins so that the Father will be satisfied that the debt has been paid for sin. The Father only accepts the human race because of His love for His Son and His sacrifice. We are never able to be loved by the Father. So, yes, it is dysfunctional.

The New Church, or New Christianity, says that God is one. And the one God out of love and concern for the human race and the state of humanity at that time, took on a physical human conceived of the Divine and born of the virgin Mary. Within this human named Jesus was the Divine Itself. Throughout His lifetime Jesus gradually got rid of what was merely human and took on or assumed more and more of the Divine within Him until He made His human completely Divine. This means, God is one, within whom is the Divine trinity, and He is the Lord God the Savior Jesus Christ. Just as we all have a soul, body and the action of our life (and are one person) so it is with God. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are the names given for the soul, body and activity of the one God. One God, one Divine person. It makes more sense that the One who created us loves us so much that He come into this world Himself to rescue and save us. There is no angry Father. Only one God of pure love and mercy.

The name that is now given to describe the one God of heaven and earth, the Lord God Jesus Christ is simply “The Lord”


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