When talking about God it is important to begin by saying that God loves all people equally. God is only able, by His very nature, to love those who He created. He is incapable of some of the emotions that many believe He carries; like anger, hatred, vengeance, condemnation, etc.

So Who Is God, Then?
There are two things which make up the essence of God – love and wisdom; but there are three which make up the essence of His love – loving others than oneself, wishing to be one with them, and devoting oneself to their happiness. The same three make up the essence of His wisdom, because love and wisdom are one in God. It is love which wills these things, wisdom that puts them into effect.
1. The first essential, loving others than oneself, is to be recognized in God’s love towards the whole human race. On this account God loves everything He has created, because they are the means to an end, and if you love the end, you must love the means. Everyone and everything in the universe are other than God, because they are finite and God is infinite. God’s love goes out and extends not only to good people and things, but also to evil people and things; consequently, not only to people and things in heaven. For God is everywhere and from eternity to eternity the same. He says too that He makes His sun rise upon the good and the evil, and sends rain upon the righteous and the unrighteous (Matt. 5:45).
2. The second essential of God’s love, wishing to be one with others, is to be recognized also in His linking Himself to the heaven of angels, the church on earth, to everyone in it, and to every good and truth which compose and make up human beings and the church. Love regarded in itself is nothing but a striving to be linked. Therefore to realize this essential of love God created humans in His image and likeness, so that he could be linked with this.
3. The third essential of God’s love, to devote Himself to the happiness of others, is to be recognized in everlasting life, which is blessedness, bliss and happiness without end, which He gives to those who receive His love into themselves. For God, just as He is Love itself, is also blessedness itself. For every love breathes out an aura of joy from itself, and the Divine Love breathes out the very height of blessedness, bliss and happiness for ever; so God makes the angels and people after death happy from Himself, which He does by being linked with them. [The True Christian Religion 43]

God is one.The one God of all, out of love and concern for the human race and the state of humanity at that time, took on a physical human conceived of the Divine and born of the virgin Mary. Within the human of Jesus was the Divine itself. Throughout His lifetime Jesus gradually put off what was merely human and took on more and more the Divine within Him until He made His human completely Divine. This means, God is one, within whom is the Divine Trinity, and He is the Lord God the Savior Jesus Christ. Just as we all have a soul, a body and the actions of our life (and are one person) so it is with God. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are names given for the soul, body and activity of the one God. One god, one person.

The name that is now given to describe the one God of heaven and earth, the Lord God Jesus Christ is simply “The Lord”


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