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Life in time is but a fleeting shadow compared with the never ending enjoyment and bliss of life in eternity ‑ Divine Providence 73

Heaven is a kingdom of uses. ‑ Apocalypse Explained 1214

A person is not a person by virtue of the body, but by virtue of the spirit. ‑ Heaven and Hell 445

They have conscience…who no longer reason whether a thing is true, but do it because it is true. ‑ Secrets of Heaven 4243

Conscience is God’s presence in humankind. ‑ Secrets of Heaven 4299

The life which leads to heaven is not a life of retirement from the world, but a life in the world.   ‑ Heaven and Hell 535

Love has power only through wisdom. ‑ True Christian Religion 748

The Church of the Lord is spread over the whole globe, and thus is universal. All are members of it who live in good and charity according to their own religious belief. ‑ Heaven and Hell 328

Everyone in heaven performs a use, for the Lord’s kingdom is a kingdom of uses. ‑ Heaven and Hell 387

The Divine Providence has as its purpose a person’s eternal salvation, not his or her worldly welfare. ‑ Secrets of Heaven 6481

To feel the joy of another as joy in oneself, that is loving. ‑ Divine Love and Wisdom 47

The origin of evil is from the abuse of the capacities proper to humanity called rationality and freedom. ‑ Divine Love and Wisdom 264

Death is a continuation of life. ‑ Divine Providence 277

Heaven is such that all who have lived well, of whatever religion, have a place there. ‑ Divine Providence 330

All education should be an opening of the way to the Lord. ‑ Secrets of Heaven 1495

The freedom that goes with self‑centeredness and materialism, and the desires that come with them, is anything but freedom; it is utter slavery. ‑ Secrets of Heaven 2884

Heavenly joy is of such a nature that it wants what it has to belong to another. ‑ Heaven and Hell 268

God’s love goes out and extends not only to good people and things but also to evil people and things; consequently, not only to people and things in heaven but also to people and things in hell. ‑ True Christian Religion 43

Unless evils were permitted to break out people would not see them, and therefore would not acknowledge them and could not be led to resist them. ‑ Divine Providence 251

In the heavens there is a sharing of everything. . . heaven is joint participation is everything good. ‑ Heaven and Hell 268

Prayer is speech with God. ‑ Secrets of Heaven 2535

Variety in the worship of the Lord, arising out of the variety of the good from one community to another, does not do any damage, but rather works to advantage, since it is a source of heaven’s perfection. ‑ Heaven and Hell 56

The whole visible universe is nothing else than a theater that represents the Lord’s kingdom, and this in turn is a theater that represents the Lord Himself. ‑ Secrets of Heaven 3483

One main object of marriage love is a union of wills and the freedom this brings. Vying for superiority or control throws this right out of the marriage. ‑ Married Love 248

It is the unceasing effort of the Lord in His Divine providence to join people to Himself and Himself to people. ‑ Divine Providence 123

You may know your quality from the delight which you feel when you think, speak, act, hear, and see; for all delight is of love. ‑ Heavenly Doctrine 147

When the Lord was in the world there was no other life with Him than the life of love towards the whole human race which He passionately desired to save eternally. ‑ Secrets of Heaven 2253

Only cease from evils as sins and look to the Lord, and the Lord will teach and lead you. ‑ Apocalypse Explained 979.2

No one can be in true married love except those who receive it from the Lord, namely, those who go to Him directly and live the life of the church from Him. ‑ Married Love 71

Love is spiritual conjunction. ‑ Heavenly Doctrine 112

Love cannot rest unless it is doing something. ‑ Married Love 183

Angels from the Lord lead and protect us every moment and every moment of every moment. ‑ Secrets of Heaven 5992

The more we love what is good and true, the more angels love to be with us. ‑ Secrets of Heaven 1740

The purpose of the creation of the human race is an angelic heaven from the human race. ‑ Divine Love and Wisdom 324

Angels are sent to people to watch over them and lead them away from evil affections and thoughts. ‑ Heaven and Hell 391

The Lord is present with every person, urging and pressing to be received. ‑ True Christian Religion 766

The whole person is characterized by intentions. ‑ Secrets of Heaven 10076.4

Peace has in it confidence in the Lord, that He directs all things, and provides all things, and that He leads to a good end. When we are in this faith, we are in peace, for we then fear nothing, and no solicitude about things to come disquiets us. ‑ Secrets of Heaven 8455

It should be recognized that Divine providence is overall, that is, it is present within the smallest details of all. ‑ Secrets of Heaven 8478

Those who are in the stream of providence are being carried along constantly towards happier things, whatever appearance the means may present. ‑ Secrets of Heaven 8478

If we only believed, as is really true, that all good is from the Lord and all evil from hell…. we would then look to the Lord in all the good we think and do, and all the evil that flows in would be cast down to hell from which it comes. ‑ Heaven and Hell 302

Since the Lord does not will anything but good, He cannot therefore do anything but good. ‑ True Christian Religion 56

The Lord is not even able to turn His face away from a person and frown upon them. ‑ True Christian Religion 56

The essence of love is loving others than oneself, wishing to be one with them and devoting oneself to their happiness. ‑ True Christian Religion 43

The Ten Commandments contain everything to do with love for God and everything to do with love towards the neighbor. ‑ True Christian Religion 329

The Lord flows into every human being with all His Divine love, all His Divine wisdom, and so with all His Divine life. ‑ True Christian Religion 364

Charity and faith are merely unstable mental concepts unless, when possible, they are realized in deeds and come into existence together in them. ‑ True Christian Religion 375

Real charity is dealing fairly and faithfully in whatever position, business or work one is engaged in, and with those with whom one comes into contact. ‑ True Christian Religion 422

The essence of loving the neighbor is not loving a person, but the good in them. ‑ True Christian Religion 417

The first thing in charity is to banish evils, the second is to do good deeds which may be of use to the neighbor. ‑ True Christian Religion 435

This, the Lord’s second coming, is not in person, but in the Word, which is from Him and which He is. ‑ True Christian Religion 776

Real repentance is examining oneself, recognizing and acknowledging one’s sins, appealing to the Lord and beginning a new life. ‑ True Christian Religion 528

All young children in any part of the world who die are raised up by the Lord and taken to heaven, where they are brought up and trained among angels who look after them, and where they grow to maturity as they advance in intelligence and wisdom. ‑ Secrets of Heaven 2219

The pursuit of a charitable life involves feelings of goodwill towards the neighbor and doing good to him, acting in every task from a sense of what is just and fair and of what is good and true, and in a similar way in all that one is employed to do. In short, a charitable life consists in performing useful services. ‑ Secrets of Heaven 8253

If all possessed charity the Church would be one even though they differ in matters of doctrine and in forms of worship. ‑Secrets of Heaven 2913

Those that are in heaven are continually advancing towards the spring of life, with a greater advance towards a more joyful and happy spring the more thousands of years they live… In a word, to grow old in heaven is to grow young. ‑ Heaven and Hell 414


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