How To Feel Close To God

Living in or near the mountains presents one with certain electronic difficulties.  How often when driving in the mountains and listing to a great song on the radio you go around the bend and the song is infused with a deep crackling static.  It fades in and out and soon the station is lost altogether.  We have the same problems in trying to talk on cell phones.  The call can be dropped or lost quite easily.  It is frustrating to keep calling back and keep getting cut off or to just pick up bits and pieces of the conversation.   It is easy to appreciate clarity of communication when we have been suffering through static or patchy conversations on a cell phone.

We are taught that we are vessels that receive life from the Lord –perhaps like a cell phone receiving a signal or a radio picking up a frequency.  The Lord is also said to speak to us and that we receive his messages in varying degrees; “the Lord is constantly speaking to us, though quite differently from one person to the next”  In the same way that we feel that we are experiencing hell when we have nothing but radio static and choppy cell phone noise, we are experiencing hell when we can’t hear the Lord speaking to us.  “To people who allow themselves to be carried away by evil spirits the Lord speaks as though He were not present, or so far away that He can hardly be said to be speaking.”  We may not care about that because we may be enjoying the state of hell we are in and don’t want to leave.  It may also be that we have tuned out and aren’t trying to do the kinds of things that will allow His voice to be heard or His present to be felt.  That is why it is important to force ourselves to take time out and to go to church and hear a sermon, or read the Word, or have a discussion about religious matters.  We can hear His voice as spoken in the Word and can use that truth to direct us to get our lives in order so that we can begin to personally hear the Lord speaking to us and guiding us in our lives.  “To those who are being led by the Lord, the Lord speaks as one who is quite present.”

When we start to hear and obey the Lord’s Word the Lord can enter in with His love. “If we are devoid of the kind of love that leads us to have compassion on others, to love them, and to wish to make them happy, we cannot be joined to the Lord because we are not at all like Him, and are in no sense the image of Him.”

It is what is the Lord’s with us that causes the Lord to be connected with us.  Like is attracted to like in this case.  The love of the Lord with us connects to the Lord’s love within Him.  The result is that we are present with the Lord and the Lord is present with us.  We have a clear signal running between us–from cell tower to cell phone.  All those little bars on the phone are lit up, indicating a strong signal.

The Lord is present with us the moment we start to love the neighbor. It is in love that the Lord is present, and to the extent that we have love the Lord is present. And to the extent that the Lord is present He speaks to us.”

If you want to hear the Lord speaking to you in your life and wish to feel His presence within you it seems clear that there is one answer to how to achieve this–love your neighbor.  Say good bye to merely selfish impulses and thoughts from hell as they enter in and gladly welcome the good ones from the Lord.   As we daily do this and refrain from negativity the Lord will open our hearts to be filled with His love–that is His presence or Himself.