Dear Friend,

Thank you for surfing to The New Church of Boulder Valley web page today.  If you are new to this site and wondering what the New Church is about I will give you a little information. If you are looking for more, there are several links and categories within this site that will certainly give you as little or as much information as you could want.

The New Church is a worldwide organization that has been around for over two hundred years–however, as the name implies, it really is new. It’s new because it is based on a new body of revelation that opens up our view of the Bible, God, the afterlife, marriage, spiritual growth, and much more in a way that feeds the soul, mind and body. It’s new because these teachings encourage us to think when it comes to religion, rather than to close the mind.  It is also new because it gives a new perspective and a new understanding of traditional spiritual concepts which many find very refreshing and sensible. We believe, for instance, that God is love itself; that we create our own heaven or hell within us by the choices we make in freedom and in full rationality; that life is supposed to be enjoyed and shared; that everything in life has a beautiful purpose; and that all people of all faiths will go to heaven if they do what they believe is right from their religious principles, and many more wonderful ideas.

On Sunday we offer an uplifting and relevant worship service for the whole family. The children and teens start out in the service with the adults. Then after a talk geared specifically for them they go to programs designed for their individual age group. In addition to worship we offer spiritual growth groups, book discussions, retreats, social events and other special offerings.

Please call me or email me if there is anything I can do for you, such as get together and talk about these teachings, give you more information about any of our programs, or provide support.

Best wishes to you on your spiritual journey, 

David, Pastor