The Gift Of Uncertainty

Gift of Uncertainty

It seems that it would be good to know the future or be certain of what was going to happen next. Imagine what that would really be like–to be certain of these things. What would happen is that we would try to change the outcome or we might give up on making any effort since we knew what would happen anyway.

One of the gifts that God gives us is a feeling of self life. A feeling that we are in charge. And at the same time we are asked to acknowledge that all life is a gift from God and that God is the source of all that is good and true. Finding that balance in our life of living as if everything depends upon us and praying as if it all depends upon God can be tricky.

Next time you are feeling uncertain about something try to remember that it is a gift not to know ahead of time. Just like it is is a gift not to know exactly how things will unfold in a story before we read it. Then buckle up and enjoy the ride. You may be surprised to find that there is Someone leading you toward a greater state of happiness then you could have imagined or fashioned for yourself.

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