How Can I Overcome This Next Obstacle?

Lose Faith



Let’s face it, we are all dealt our fair share of challenges in life. We have overcome some obstacles and we can be sure that there are more ahead. And sometimes we find that we face the same obstacle over and over and that it seems that we can’t get over it or past it.

There is a story in the gospel of Mark about a man that couldn’t walk on his own and had to be carried from place to place by his friends. One day the answer to his problem appeared – Jesus was in a house nearby and all he had to do was get in the house and be touched by him. When they got there there was a huge crowd in the way preventing him from getting inside. His friends carried him on his bed up on the roof of the house and they broke through it and lowered him down to where he was able to be healed by Jesus and also have his sins forgiven.

How do we break through the barriers that keep us from healing and hope? We will dig into this on Sunday at 10:30 a.m. See you there!


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