So, You Want To Be REALLY Happy?


“When you desire your neighbor’s good without thought of reward you have heaven within yourself. This brings happiness as great as that enjoyed by the angels, which is
indescribable.” Secrets of Heaven 8037, Emanuel Swedenborg

If we want to be really happy, indescribably happy, then we ought to work on wanting what is good and doing what is good for others without thinking of what we will get from it. Nice idea, but how are we going to arrive in that noble place? Well, it is a process. That process is described in a parable in the New Testament about the people that were hired at different times throughout the day to work in a vineyard, yet given the same wages regardless of how long they worked. This Sunday we will talk about the spiritual or inner meaning of this parable. Maybe it will nudge us all a little more in that direction of giving with no thought of reward.

See you Sunday at 10:30 a.m.

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