Faith That Heals

We are presenting a series of sermons from the Gospel of John on the Miracles of Jesus Christ.  One of the big questions that comes up when we consider these miracles is whether we are to believe that we can expect the same kinds of miracles Jesus performed to happen for us or our loved ones? What are the personal lessons of these miracles in the Word?

This week the story is about the healing of the Nobleman’s son.  The nobleman comes to Jesus asking him to come to his house to heal his son because his son is about to die.  Jesus simply tells him to go back home–his son lives. He trusts Jesus enough to begin the twenty mile walk home alone.

Come learn how this story shows us how we can be healed of spiritual diseases–how our misguided and hurtful thoughts and patterns of thinking can be cured and how our negative emotions can be removed.  These are the signs that the Lord is present with us and transforming us from within.

Join us for worship at 10:30 a.m. or watch us live on this website.

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