Rise Above It, Part 6: Do Not Commit Adultery


This commandment asks us to be faithful in word, act, thought and intention, and to avoid lustful thoughts, desires and actions. Adultery means to “make different”. This is a clue to what goes on in our mind that can lead us to hurtful behaviors. When we let a lie or what is false become true in our mind, or when we let a selfish desire become attractive and good in our heart then we have adulterated what is true and good. When we let this happen in our mind and heart we have allowed things to be “made different” than they should be. We made them okay when the weren’t. When it seems okay then it must be okay and is therefore okay to act on it (at least in our mind). This commandment can help keep us out of these traps.

We hope you can join us for church on Sunday at 10:30 a.m.

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