Rise Above It, Part 5: Do Not Take Life, Give Life


We are in series of talks called Rise Above It, Spiritual Development Through The Ten Commandments. This topic this week is based on the command to not kill or murder. That may seem relatively easy but there is a lot more that this commandment is calling us to work on. Besides the obvious point, to not to take human life or physically wound others either fatally or otherwise, we are also not to wound another’s reputation; to put away feelings of enmity, hatred and revenge; to not use words in a hurtful way, to not hurt the life of another’s soul by turning them away from God and religion or making religious thing scandalous or hateful. A lot to think about.

Come join us for worship on Sunday at 10:30 a.m. and get some useful tools that will help to keep anger and other negative emotions that lead to hurtful behaviors at bay.

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