Rise Above It, Part 4


We are in series of talks called Rise Above It, Spiritual Growth Through The Ten Commandments. This week we are on the commandment to honor our father and our mother. This commandment can, for many, be a real challenge in its literal meaning–for many have been hurt deeply by their parents. However we are still to keep this commandment literally by looking for the good in our parents and honoring that.
The real meaning of this commandment is that we honor God, our Father, and His church, our Mother–our real spiritual parents. Here is a nice way that the church is described in the writings of Swedenborg. “All who are in truths and goods of whatever doctrine or religion (are in the Lord’s church); for the Lord’s church is universal, since it exists with all who are in the good of life, and who from their doctrine look to heaven, and thereby conjoin themselves to the Lord.”
How do you see this commandment?
Please join us on Sunday at 10:30 a.m.

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