If there is one God why are there so many different Religions?


This Sunday we will talk about what it is within churches and between religions in general that causes them to be divided rather than united around a common goal.

This also applies to our interpersonal relationships. What is it that we can do to find ourselves feeling connected with others rather than at odds with them.
If you want a preview consider the main thrust of what Jesus taught in the Gospels: Love.
Emanuel Swedenborg wrote: “A doctrinal view is united when everyone loves each other, or displays charity. Mutual love and charity bring such people together into one despite the variety among them, because it draws unity out of variety. When everyone practices charity, or loves each other, then no matter how many people there are—even if they number in the hundreds of millions—they share a single goal: the common good, the Lord’s kingdom, and the Lord Himself.” (Secrets of Heaven 1285)

p.s. Don’t forget to set your clock ahead by one hour before bed on Saturday night.

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