Seven Practices of Peace, Part 3 – Cultivating

We are taught that the Bible from beginning to end is about our personal spiritual development. We see within its stories our progression from a lifeless, formless being to a thriving, living spiritual entity. It is certainly fitting then that the creation story–the first story of the Word–is a metaphor for our own spiritual transformation. A setting of the stage for all that is to follow.
This week we will talk about the Third Day of Creation. This day shows God causing dry ground to appear and tender herbs, seed producing plants and fruit trees to grow. Our mind (the dry land) then becomes fertile, ready to receive new living ideas from the Lord that can begin to grow into new life. We advance from actively thinking about heavenly truths to applying them to our lives–bearing fruit.
Come see how this change comes about and the big benefits that occur in our life as a result.
Sunday 10:30 a.m.
Or join us by live  video stream

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