Are You Going To Go To The Party?

Jesus taught using parables. One time he used a parable about a great feast or party. There were many people invited to the feast, but when the time arrived for it they came up with excuses why they couldn’t make it (Luke 14). The master of house was upset and told his servants to go and invite others to come so his house would be full. He went into the streets and lanes and invited the “poor, maimed, lame and blind” to come.

Parables are stories Jesus told that have a meaning for our spirit. Do we recognize that we are invited to great happiness and joy and yet we often make up excuses why we would rather live differently? Do we see that it is in recognizing our brokenness that we have the humility to seek a life in connection with God and others–that then we are willing to give up our own brand of happiness and come and see what God is offering.

Please join us Sunday in person at 10:30 or via live stream on our Facebook page as we dig more into the meaning of this parable:

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