A Still Small Voice

When we are struggling it makes sense that we would want to hide ourselves until the difficulty passes. Are you struggling right now? Do you wish you could hide away somewhere and come out again when everything has settled down? It sounds appealing.

In our study of the prophet Elijah we find that Elijah has hidden himself in a cave in Mount Horeb after running for his life for forty days. However, the Lord calls him to come out of the cave. When he does come out dramatic scenes unfold before him: a strong wind that broke apart the rocks, an earthquake and then a sweeping fire. It is stated that the Lord was not in any of those things. And then afterward he heard something quiet, barely perceptible: a still small voice. This voice brought him comfort in the form of answers to all that was troubling him.

This story gives us a clue as to what manner the Lord speaks to us and offers guidance, and in what ways the Lord does not.

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