Why Bad Things Are Allowed To Happen?

In the beginning of the Bible Adam and Eve are created and set in a Garden wherein all that was good was provided for them.  They had one simple rule: don’t eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Instead of obeying God’s command and enjoying that state of good, they chose to listen to the advice of the serpent instead and life went downhill for them. So, why didn’t God stop this from happening?

God is constantly doing all in His power to assist us in making good choices which will lead to our eternal happiness and provide for us only what is good and what will be to our eternal benefit. And there is a big “but” we have to consider. But, we have free choice.  We are free to reject the good impulses from God and choose to do evil rather than good. We are free to choose a life of hell rather than a heavenly one.  God does foresee the bad choices we will make, and works to try to bend us in a different direction if at all possible, but sometimes we are hell bent on making a bad choice and so God will permit it, not as someone who wants to permit it, but as someone who cannot prevent it for the sake of our freedom. And these bad choices have consequences both for the one making the choice and sometimes those around them. And even in the bad choices we make God is there working to bring something good out of the bad situation. Something that will help us or others to grow in spirit. That doesn’t make a bad choice good, but it does mean we are being cared for and led every moment, no matter what things might seem like on the surface.

This is a tough subject and one we will talk more about on Sunday.

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