Journey To Freedom, Part 8: We Need Support To Overcome Our Battles

One of the realities of life in this world is that there will be struggles. Right now the whole world is engaged in a struggle to overcome a dangerous virus. We all have to do our part to try to remain hopeful and to support each other in a variety of ways as we struggle together.

It is interesting how the series of sermons we have been engaged in about the Children of Israel and their exodus from slavery in Egypt is right there with valuable lessons for where we are in our current struggle. In the next part of the journey the children of Israel faced their first enemy, the Amalekites. The Amalakites come after them. The strategy of the Amalekites was to strike the weaker parts of the Israelite entourage from behind.  However, Joshua led the children of Israel in battle against the them and as long as Moses, on a nearby hillside, kept his hands raised the Israelites prevailed, but when he lowered his hands they lost.
This story illustrates an important truth.  In order to survive our struggles we must raise our thoughts to the Lord and look to the Lord for help (Moses raising his arms).  When we look to ourselves for support and strength we lose (Moses lowering his arms).  We are strengthened in these battles by the Word, our understanding of it and the support of others.  When we give thanks to the Lord and raise our hands in gratitude the Lord is able to bless us.

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