Journey To Freedom, Part 7: Daily Blessings

We are continuing to follow the story of the Children of Israel out of slavery in Egypt to the Promised land of Canaan – a land flowing with milk and honey, as the story describes it. The children of Israel again found reason to cry out in despair.  They were hungry and missed their Egyptian diets.  In response the Lord miraculously gave them manna every morning and quail every evening.  All they had to do was to gather it, prepare it and eat it.

The grief of the Children of Israel pictures the anxiety we feel when we have begun to change but we aren’t yet feeling like there is any tangible, detectible benefit yet. We miss our old habits and the enjoyment we got from them, and in this new “spiritual growth plan” we haven’t started to feel and sense the benefits. We might be asking the question, “What is the point of all this hard work when all I am experiencing is want and loss?”

The good news that the story brings to light is that God does provide us with true and deeper delight if we will keep to the path of spiritual progress. Miraculously each day manna appears. Sometimes we feel it is hard to find or sense delight in our lives–but, it is there, we just have to look.  

In light of this story the task this week is to acknowledge and show gratitude for the blessings that God brings into your life every day.  Keep your eyes, mind, and heart open. Look for the manna. When you feel empty and spiritually hungry for happiness in your life, pray “give us this day our daily bread. Lord, help me to recognize the bread (goodness and blessings) in my life.”

At this difficult time with the Covid-19 virus spreading we will be having our church service, but we encourage you to stay home and watch online if you are at all sick or part of one of the more vulnerable populations. We will be doing best practices for health and cleanliness and encourage you to make choices about attending or not based on what is best for your own health and the health of others.

May the Lord bless you and yours and may we all look for the blessings amid the difficulties.

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