Journey To Freedom, Part 3: Pay Attention To The Signs

Stories from the Bible are given to us because we can use them as mirrors to our inner, spiritual journey. The Exodus story, in short, is about our journey from being stuck in hurtful patterns of behavior to a life of freedom and enjoyment.

Our story continues this week with Moses and Aaron confronting Pharaoh, king of Egypt, with a message that he needs to let the children of Israel go free from bondage. Pharaoh stubbornly refuses over and over as plague after destructive plague ravishes the land.

In the deeper, spiritual meaning of this story the plagues picture what happens when we ignore the truth and our higher nature and instead listen to our sensory experiences – following them as our guide and teacher. These plagues picture our progression toward increasingly more tragic states of disorder, pain and unmanageability when we don’t make an effort to to change the things we know we need to.

This week we will consider the signs we are given that may be a call for us to live differently.

See you Sunday at 10:30 a.m.


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