Habits That Bring Peace

Peace is one of those things that we all grasp and hope for, but can be hard to come by. We can mistakingly think that if our external circumstances are all as they should be (according to our view of things) then we will have peace. But if we think this is the answer then we most likely are trying to control our external circumstances so that they will fall into the magical formation that will allow peace to descend on us. This is unlikely to happen, let alone bring us the peace that we seek.

Peace is more of a byproduct of a life lived in alignment with the the Creator’s design. When we live this way we then have confidence that God is directing all things, providing all things and leading us to happiness no matter what it might look like at any particular moment. We trust in the big picture and the big goal and don’t let the details blew up our ability to be content.

When we remove all the stressors that come from self centered or short sighted choices the end result is peace. For example, when we stop being dishonest there is never any concern about someone finding out what really happened or what we really said. That stress is removed. That is one small example.

Come join us as we look at ways to build habits that bring true peace into our lives. See you Sunday at 10:30 a.m.

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