Encourage One Another

Stories in the Bible are given because they illustrate what we go through in our lives. They describe situations we find ourselves in, how we might react in unhealthy ways, and show us how we can make better decisions going forward.

There is a story about the Children of Israel, having left slavery in Egypt and arriving at the Promised Land of Canaan, being faced with a decision about whether to go into this land that flows with milk and honey that was promised to them or to turn away.

To assess the possibility of going in and taking the land for themselves they send in twelve spies to do some investigation. When the spies return Caleb and Joshua say, as their God promised them, that they can go ahead and acquire the land. There are ten other spies that give a different story. They say it can’t be done because of the walled cities and giants living in the land.

When we are faced with decisions what voices do we listen to and believe? Do we react from fear or do we gather our courage and go forward, trusting that we will be cared for?

It is clear that it is difficult to always stay positive and trust that the way forward will be good, safe and fruitful. We can, however, strengthen each other by offering more positive support. Can we offer words of encouragement? Can we support the best we see in each other rather than picking on weaknesses we may see?

This week the challenge is to find ways to encourage one another – to look for the good we see and make mention of it.

We hope to see you this Sunday at 10:30 a.m.

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