Why The New Church?

This church is called The New Church? Why? What’s new about it? Why do we need a new church?

If you think about all the weird, hurtful and dysfunctional things that have gone on in the name of religion over the last several centuries (for example) it is not hard to imagine that “the church” on earth needs a reboot.

The New Church is a new way of understanding the Bible, who God is (merciful, loving, wise), the reality of life after death, the nature of God’s leading (Divine Providence), the beautiful truth that this world needs the variety that is found in all the different religions and faiths – like the variety within the human body which help it to function as a whole,  and many more amazing truths.

So yes, there is a New Church. And it is needed. Perhaps you can see the need too and want to learn more about it. Why not come this Sunday and learn more about it and enjoy a barbecue that we are putting on to celebrate the beginning of the New Church June 19th, 1770 and Father’s Day.

Church begins at 10:30 a.m.

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