What Would Love Do? Part 5: “I was sick and you visited Me.”

We continue this week looking into the question, “What would love do?” One of the things that love does is “visit the sick”. We have all been sick. We know how unpleasant it can be. This message encourages us to offer comfort and support to others by showing up when they are not well. The act of being present with someone who is not well does so much good.

We are also told that all of us can be in states of spiritual sickness. This happens when we get caught up in erroneous thinking or hurtful behavior. We are told that when this happens we can be robbed of good health on an internal level. It can warp our perspective and at length introduce us into states of sadness or depression. How do we deal with this when it happens to us and how can we be a support to others when this happens?

Granddaughter Visiting Grandmother In Hospital Bed

By taking time to listen or spend time with someone who is having a hard time we are doing “what love would do.”

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