Love Over Ego, Part 6: Love Wins

In the next part of this story Daniel is raised to high office by the new king, Darius the Mede, but jealous rivals trick Darius into issuing a decree which condemns Daniel to death. Hoping for Daniel’s deliverance, but unable to save him, the king has him cast into the den of lions. Daniel is protected in the den of lions because he was “found innocent”. The next morning he is taken up out of the den and his accusers are thrown into the den in his place (they did not fare so well) The king makes a decree that Daniel’s God is to be respected and honored.
Even though our conscience, pictured by Daniel, gets more prominent and stronger, in order for it to strengthen further we will have to endure temptations. Temptations are combats within us between the Lord and the influences of the hells in an attempt to try and break the grip selfishness has on us.
When faced with the challenge before him Daniel doesn’t stop going the Lord in prayer, but continues his practice. When we can overcome in temptation, though it is a difficult struggle (Daniel in the den of lions) those hellish influences that had attacked us are removed (like the accusers in the story). Prayer helps in times like these – prayers asked to the Lord to help us to get through temptations. Not all struggles are bad. They can have the effect of strengthening us and building us up.
Like Daniel, don’t stop praying. 
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