Love Over Ego, Part 5: The Writing On The Wall

The story of Daniel continues now under a new king, Belshazzar. This new king hasn’t learned the lessons of his predecessor Nebuchadnezzar and acts recklessly and selfishly. He throws a decadent party in the palace during which a disembodied hand writes a message on the wall. Belshazzar is completely overcome with fear and calls for his counselors to give him the interpretation of the message, promising them wealth and honor. They cannot interpret the message, however his queen tells him about Daniel’s abilities. Daniel is called in and interprets the dream. The dream tells of Belshazzar, as to his character, being numbered, weighed and found wanting or lacking. He is killed that very evening.

We have all heard the saying, “The writing is on the wall.” This story is where that saying originates. It is a story for us to consider in the context of our spiritual development. Are we taking the messages from the Word, keeping them in our thoughts, taking them to heart and putting them into practice? That last one is the most difficult. This story reminds us  of the importance of moving the teachings past just our thinking and willing and into practice.

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