Love Over Ego, Part 2: Humility Heals

Do you ever feel like the person in this photo… working really hard on something but it isn’t making any difference? This is what it is like when our motivation is self or ego gratification. The result is frustration rather than gratification.

In the story of Daniel there is a part of us pictured by king Nebuchadnezzar – a tyrant that wants what he wants and threatens and acts out when he doesn’t get it and lives in a state of anxiety about the future. There is also a part of us pictured by Daniel – the part of us that is calm and trusting and can make wise and loving choices when given a chance and given a voice. There is a battle we are engaged in. The battle of which one we will act from and listen to.

Join us this week as we look into how to quiet the tyrant king and let the wise and loving Daniel guide who we are going to be.

See you Sunday at 10:30 a.m.

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