Having Difficulty? Approach It From Love

After the events of Easter the disciples decided to go fishing.  They fished all night and caught nothing.  In the morning a man appeared on the shore and said to cast the net on the right side of the boat and they would catch fish.  They did and caught 153 fish.  They quickly realized that the man was Jesus.
In all of our pursuits in life if we can remember to approach things from “the right side” (from love, charity, and kindness) we will be fruitful.  Trying to do things from human ingenuity or the attitude, “I am right” we will be frustrated.
If in all our interactions with others (marriage, friendships, parenting, the workplace, and so on) we can remind ourselves, “Let’s approach this in a loving way.”  And then ask, “In what way can I come from a heart of love, kindness and goodness?”  Or simply say, “Okay, let’s fish from the right side,” as a reminder.  See what happens.
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