What Is Your House Built Upon?

If you were going to build yourself a house you would most likely make sure the ground you were going to build on was solid: not on a fault line or a flood zone and not in any number of potentially problematic terrains. You would want a strong and sure foundation.

Our spiritual lives are the same way. We have a choice. To build our lives up on a strong foundation of Divine principles and guidelines or not. We may decide that the shifting sands of popular opinion are the foundation we want to trust our lives to. But that doesn’t seem that wise or safe.

This Sunday we will look at the parable Jesus told of the wise person who built a house on a rock and how that turned out vs. the foolish person who built a house on sand and how that turned out.

This Sunday is also the beginning of daylight saving time. Don’t forget to set your clock ahead by one hour before bed on Saturday night.

See you Sunday at 10:30 a.m.


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