Give Thanks, Receive Blessings


We are reminded by many stories in the Word about how important our attitude is in our spiritual life. There are many references to those who received blessings from the God because they possessed humility: people like Abel, Moses, Abraham, David, the Centurion, and a certain tax collector. Conversely, we see examples of people with hard hearts whose lives were cursed: like Cain and Pharaoh.
This Sunday we will celebrate Thanksgiving as a congregation. As we think about gratitude and thanksgiving we will look at the spiritual benefit of cultivating humility within our selves. Humility can literally turn a life that feels upside down, right side up; allowing love and insight from God to flow in and impact our lives.

Come celebrate with us this Sunday at 10:30 a.m. We will enjoy a community potluck lunch and pie baking contest following the service.

Value Your Freedom And That Of Others


We all want freedom for ourselves. Freedom is actually essential to our spiritual lives. Nothing can become truly part of our spiritual life unless it is chosen freely. And so God protects our freedom with great power.

Here is the challenge: do we value other people’s freedom in the same way recognizing how important it is to everyone else too?

See you Sunday at 10:30 a.m.