Living Gratefully, Part 4: Little Blessings Everywhere

daily-manna-banner-8Life can feel like a grind sometimes. When it feels that way how do we rise above those feelings of drudgery and scarcity and find contentment, peace and even joy? The answer lies within the story of the Children of Israel hungering for food on their wilderness journey and God giving them something they could gather daily and eat. What is it, you say? That’s what they said too. And that is what it is called, “what is it.” Or, as it sounds when spoken in their language, “manna.” Come and see what it means for you and me. Worship begins at 10:30 a.m. Sunday.

Living Gratefully, Part 3: Grateful That We Can Change


We are in a series on Living Gratefully. We are looking especially at how God leads us to a life of happiness that is deep and lasting. That leadership is what is called the “Divine Providence”. This week we examine the ability we are given to change, and how we can hold that gratefully. If we are unhappy with life or our behavior and choices it is comforting to know that we can change. We will look into how we can, with God’s help, make lasting changes. It is good to know we can change. So let’s get on it!