Don’t Sell Out

Dont sell out

One of the things that temps us is the desire to modify or change what we know to be true  – our ideals or hopes for our life. Holding to our ideals can be difficult. But giving in and accepting a less than ideal way of being leads to further difficulty and unhappiness. This part of the Elijah story (Naboth’s Vineyard) challenges us to not sell out, to not give up or give in but to keep on fighting for our higher ideals. The positive results will show up and are illustrated in the conclusion of the Elijah story (June 7th).

See you Sunday at 10:30 a.m.

Listen For The Gentle Whisper of God’s Leading

Still Small voice

If we want to be led by God what should we listening or looking out for? We might be inclined to expect dramatic answers to our queries or flashy shows of the hand of God when we are in need. The truth is that the messages come in a more subtle and gentle way. Will we be alert to them?

This Sunday we will further explore the story of the prophet Elijah and see in his story how we are led and what signs to look for of God’s presence and leading.

Worship begins at 10:30 a.m. The Holy Supper (communion) will be offered this week.

When Life Gets Difficult…

Lose Faith‘Have you ever lost your faith? There are times when it seems like our faith is completely gone and there is nothing to hold on to. This Sunday we will dive into what to do when we are feeling lost and that our confidence in God has died.

See you Sunday at 10:30 a.m.

Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day weekend!