Rise Above It, Part 6: Do Not Commit Adultery


This commandment asks us to be faithful in word, act, thought and intention, and to avoid lustful thoughts, desires and actions. Adultery means to “make different”. This is a clue to what goes on in our mind that can lead us to hurtful behaviors. When we let a lie or what is false become true in our mind, or when we let a selfish desire become attractive and good in our heart then we have adulterated what is true and good. When we let this happen in our mind and heart we have allowed things to be “made different” than they should be. We made them okay when the weren’t. When it seems okay then it must be okay and is therefore okay to act on it (at least in our mind). This commandment can help keep us out of these traps.

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Rise Above It, Part 5: Do Not Take Life, Give Life


We are in series of talks called Rise Above It, Spiritual Development Through The Ten Commandments. This topic this week is based on the command to not kill or murder. That may seem relatively easy but there is a lot more that this commandment is calling us to work on. Besides the obvious point, to not to take human life or physically wound others either fatally or otherwise, we are also not to wound another’s reputation; to put away feelings of enmity, hatred and revenge; to not use words in a hurtful way, to not hurt the life of another’s soul by turning them away from God and religion or making religious thing scandalous or hateful. A lot to think about.

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Rise Above It, Part 4


We are in series of talks called Rise Above It, Spiritual Growth Through The Ten Commandments. This week we are on the commandment to honor our father and our mother. This commandment can, for many, be a real challenge in its literal meaning–for many have been hurt deeply by their parents. However we are still to keep this commandment literally by looking for the good in our parents and honoring that.
The real meaning of this commandment is that we honor God, our Father, and His church, our Mother–our real spiritual parents. Here is a nice way that the church is described in the writings of Swedenborg. “All who are in truths and goods of whatever doctrine or religion (are in the Lord’s church); for the Lord’s church is universal, since it exists with all who are in the good of life, and who from their doctrine look to heaven, and thereby conjoin themselves to the Lord.”
How do you see this commandment?
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God Commands That We Take A Day Off


Feeling busy? Many of us complain of being too busy. Sometimes though, we consider it a badge of honor that we are so busy. Is it good for us to be so busy? Do we make time to rest, relax, reflect, redirect our energies? One of the ten commandments is about taking a day off every week. It is commanded by God that we take a break. Smart Creator. What would it be like if we kept this commandment? Why not begin this coming Sabbath day. Make it a day of rest; make it a holy day. See you Sunday at 10:30?