Sometimes It Is Our Messes That God Blesses


Looking for the perfect Christmas? The truth is the events surrounding the story of the first Christmas were far from perfect. From an observer’s perspective it was wrought with difficulty. But it is into that mess that the Lord was born. The fact things were a mess illustrates exactly why He needed to come among us. And the wonderful thing about the Lord is that He can turn our mess into something He can bless, and it can turn out quite beautifully. So welcome Christmas. Come what may.
Please join us for worship this coming Sunday at 10:30 for the third Sunday of Advent.

Angels All Around


God came on earth at what was said to be the darkest time in our human history. His birth as the infant Lord was pronounced and ushered in by angelic messengers.
This Sunday we will talk about the presence of angels and what they did so long ago and how they guide and support us today. We may be sure that in the dark times of our life and of our world these angelic messengers are everywhere.
See you Sunday at 10:30 a.m.