Happiness Is Born From Gratitude


When we are feeling unhappy we can believe that the path back to happiness and joy comes through trying harder: work harder, play harder, learn more, give more. However, the simplest path to happiness and joy is through gratitude. Looking for the blessings that are all around, the big and the small, and appreciating them.

When we can let go of control of people and outcomes and trying to manufacture happiness and realize that happiness flows into a humble heart – a heart full of gratitude, then things will shift. Take a look around. You may be surprised by joy with all you see.

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” [Gospel of Matthew 6:33]

Please join us for our Thanksgiving service this Sunday, November 22nd at 10:30 a.m.

Look For The Good, You Will Be Glad You Did


How much does our happiness and peace of mind depend on how we see things, people and circumstances? Pretty much.

The old saying goes, “We see the world, not as it is, but as we are.” The lens through which we see the world will shape our perception. If we look for what is wrong with others we will undoubtedly determine that they are flawed and have a negative feeling about them. If we look for the good in others we will see it and will find that our tolerance and even our love for others will grow. A huge shift in our worldview is bound to occur.

This week we will consider how to view the world and others with eyes that focus on the good. This is how angels see others and they are pretty darn happy!

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Finding The Cure For Shame


It seems that many people struggle with debilitating shame–a shame that gives them a strong feeling of not being lovable, or good enough, or the sense that they are just plain bad. Shame is supposed to be an internal reaction to having done something regrettable. However, that reaction isn’t supposed to be chronic and impossible to shake.

This Sunday we will consider the subject of shame and talk about where it comes from and ways we can move through it to a more healthy sense of self. “I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.” (Psalm 139)

Worship with us Sunday at 10:30 a.m.

The Blessings And Challenges Of Forgiveness

The F Word

Forgiveness is something we wish others would grant us. Forgiveness is something we can have a hard time offering those who have harmed us in some way. Forgiveness is something that can seem impossible to receive from God or others because of things we have done. The truth is, God always forgives us immediately of everything. The question is do we do anything to change our life so that forgiveness is no longer needed? And do we do anything to let our heart be softened towards others who may be awaiting our forgiveness?

We are given amazing teachings on God’s forgiveness as well as challenging teachings on our need to forgive others and to forgive ourselves.

Let’s talk about this important topic this Sunday at 10:30 a.m. Hope to see you there!

Blame Is The Game You Just Can’t Win

Blame Game

Sometimes we blame other people for our problems, or
attribute our suffering to others–citing them or their actions as the
cause. This attitude makes it difficult for us to grow spiritually. We
need to stop pointing the finger at others and ask ourselves, “How
am I contributing to this problem?” and “How can I be part of the
This week we are going to practice non-blaming behavior. Don’t look for
reasons outside of yourself for your own unhappiness or problems.
Look at your thoughts, actions and behaviors and see what of those
might be contributing to the problem. Then identify something you
can do to help create a positive change. See how this effects your
relationships and personal happiness.

See you Sunday for worship at 10:30 a.m.


How Can I Overcome This Next Obstacle?

Lose Faith



Let’s face it, we are all dealt our fair share of challenges in life. We have overcome some obstacles and we can be sure that there are more ahead. And sometimes we find that we face the same obstacle over and over and that it seems that we can’t get over it or past it.

There is a story in the gospel of Mark about a man that couldn’t walk on his own and had to be carried from place to place by his friends. One day the answer to his problem appeared – Jesus was in a house nearby and all he had to do was get in the house and be touched by him. When they got there there was a huge crowd in the way preventing him from getting inside. His friends carried him on his bed up on the roof of the house and they broke through it and lowered him down to where he was able to be healed by Jesus and also have his sins forgiven.

How do we break through the barriers that keep us from healing and hope? We will dig into this on Sunday at 10:30 a.m. See you there!


With God: Mission Possible

mission-impossibleSome Bible stories catch our attention more easily than others because the character faces a danger or an enemy where the odds of survival or victory are not good. In fact it seems completely hopeless. Yet, because we get to read the story through to the end, we know things turn out okay in spite of the impossibility of it.

These stories are put there to display the power of God and to challenge us to put some of our faith in His ability to lead us through improbably odds to victory or success and to invite us to, in spite of perhaps not knowing the end result of our own challenges, to believe we are being led to happiness and peace.

“Peace holds within itself trust in the Lord, the trust that He governs all things and provides all things, and that He leads towards an end that is good. When we believe these things about the Lord we are at peace, since we fear nothing and no anxiety about things to come disturbs us.” (Secrets of Heaven 8455, Emanuel Swedenborg)

Join us for worship this Sunday at 10:30 am as we explore this together further.



Daniel is one of the most courageous characters in the Bible, but not for the reason we usually think.

When telling the story of Daniel most people focus on Daniel’s courage in the lions’ den itself. But there are actually no verses in the Bible explaining what he experienced or did while in the lions’ den. Why? Because Daniel’s courage in the lions’ den isn’t the point. Once Daniel gets thrown in the lions’ den, what is he really going to be able to do? Disempowering the lions was something that God did, not Daniel.

Daniel’s courage was shown in the way he lived everyday. His enemies made up a law forbidding prayer to anyone but the king so they could catch him praying to God and so have him thrown into the lions’ den. And yet he still prayed. That’s real courage.

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear. ~Ambrose Redmoon

See you Sunday at 10:30 a.m.